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Reiki Courses - Usui Shiki Ryoho System

Reiki works by giving us what we need rather than what we want, by working on the deepest level needed at this particular point in our lives


Reiki works at all levels to assist in alleviating problems of a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual kind


After you have been attuned with Reiki your ability to channel Reiki will last a life time.


The more you practice using your Reiki the stronger and free flowing it becomes.


All courses are:


one to one,

2 days (5 hours each day with Lunch)

Supplied with a Manual,

Supplied with Certification of attunement

and on going support is offered.


To book your course please call Kate on 07833460361.



This course will cover:

Initiate you to Reiki 1 Energy,

History of Reiki

Benefits of Reiki

Reiki 12 Hand positions

Reiki Procedure



Your Expectations

You will have the ability to channel Reiki energy with the specific intention of treating yourself, family or friends.

You cannot use it on Members of the Public and nor can you charge.



This course will cover:

Attunment to Reiki 2 Healing Energy,

How to use the three sacred symbols,

Distant healing techniques,

The procedure to give Reiki,

Eastern & Western Techniques,

Advice on setting up your own business.


With this Course you will be able work within the public domain and charge for  your services



This class will cover:

History of Reiki Master,
The Five Reiki Principles,
The Reiki Master Symbol,
Main Duties of a Reiki Master,

Plus some additional symbols.


With this Course you will be able to Teach Reiki to your own Students


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