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Healing- a different way to treat your mind, body and spirit

Welcome to my website, I am a Holistic Therapist which means I use alternative therapies to treat my clients.  My treatments are non-invasive and treat the mind, body and spirit.


I run Meditation Class.  Meditation helps to calm the mind, manifest your ideas and focus.  In addition it gives the body a chance to repair itself.


Crystal Healing and Reiki Therapies help with aliments such as coughs and colds, repetitive strain, back ache as well as treating low self-esteem, depression, insomnia, overall wellbeing and more.


Please see my Blog for updates on my case studies.


In addition I also offer Readings which will give you an overview on your current circumstances and can help you to feel more positive about your future, or clarify an uncertain situation. I aim to give you a reading that you will remember and can help you along your path.


My therapies are not just about fixing aliments they are also about your overall wellbeing i.e balance, relaxing, confidence, perspective, how you feel in yourself. 


Contemporary lifestyles mean that these days it's impossible to avoid the stress of hectic schedules. Nevertheless, it's vital to find "Me Time" so let me help you forget about the strains of your day and enjoy a half hour relaxing session to take you away from the day to day stresses.

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